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A good pair of shoes Support my growth and development

Get your children's shoes from Babybotte...

A guarantee of quality. To help support the healthy development of children's feet, we combine artisanal techniques, the latest technology and high-quality materials to meet all the crucial elements required for a first pair of shoes.

When should I buy my child their first pair of shoes?

Shoes have a purely protective function for the first few months of a child's life, keeping little feet safe and warm. That's why we created our One range. Each shoe in the range has a sole that is unique in the market and protects the entire circumference of the foot. Babies start to stand up at around 10 months of age. Their feet begin to support their body weight, new muscles develop and the foot arch appears. This the time when you start to wonder how to find the best 'walking shoe' for your child.

Laces or Velcro?

Velcro tabs encourage kids to become a bit more independent and are a practical option when shoes are constantly being put on and taken off! However, we recommend laces when your child is first learning to walk as they allow you to precisely adjust the shoes to your child's instep, ensuring the foot is fully supported